Bridge of Allan Fireworks Display

In the past week or so, it has gotten cold. A fortnight ago I could go out in maybe a hoodie and still feel my extremities but at the fireworks display in Bridge of Allan, I was wearing a thermal vest, long-sleeved shirt, jumper, coat, scarf, hat and gloves with wellies and three layers of socks and I was still struggling to keep warm. (Finger crossed for snow soon!) However it was well worth braving the cold for on photographic basis alone!

Bridge of Allan always puts on a superb display. I went last year as a fresher and had a blast. They have a load of stalls selling sweets and hot food – I can highly recommend the doughnuts! There are also a good few stands selling light up swords and glow sticks, making for a really nice mix of colours in the dark. 

This year, as I’ve said, was remarkably colder than the last, but everyone cosied up beside the enormous bonfire to keep warm. As we waited, we were ‘treated’ to a One Direction tribute band (whom I’m sure made some tweens’ day..) though to their credit, there were a fair few harmonies. 
I was losing feeling in my toes when the display started but managed to snag some pretty nice shots of the incredible fireworks before it finished and I headed down to meet friends at the Allanwater Brewhouse – the snuggest little place possible in which to get a microbrew beer. I’ll have to devote a post to it because it’s so so cosy. 
I’d highly recommend the display if you’re around Stirling for Guy Fawkes Night. Truth be told I’m hoping to miss it next year though, as I handed in my study abroad application this week. If everything goes to plan, I’ll be spending the 5th across the Atlantic!

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