Study Abroad Programme

All of yesterday I was restless. Having had my interview for the study abroad programme last Friday and having been told that I’d be informed of my acceptance or rejection by Wednesday, I was just plain anxious. My futile attempts at concentrating on my Linguistics essay were failing spectacularly and even the internet couldn’t distract me from my own fidgeting. 
Then at 16:54 when I’d almost given up hope, I got the email. I’d been accepted. I lay back on my bed out of sheer exhaustion. The waiting wasn’t over though, as the email had only said I was on the programme and still I had to pick a letter up from administration informing me where I was headed. Today, I scrambled onto the bus to uni, dashed up the hill to Pathfoot building and received my letter… 

The University of Victoria! My very first choice! I opened it beside the still unfrozen loch and the sheer width of my grin must have made me look like a grade A psychopath. Since then, I’ve been having so much trouble keeping it off my face (and even more trouble on focusing on that essay)! I knew the programme had received an enormous amount of applications this year, but I had no idea we had set a new record. The fact I battled it out against so many other people and still got in (and my first choice) makes my acceptance all the more incredible.

So now I’m in, what’s the next step? I’ll be attending a meeting next week that should give me a timeline for what’s in store for me, what new deadlines will appear and, I should imagine, a whole load of important documents to sign. Really though, this is like Christmas come early. British Columbia is a region which has been on my bucket list since forever and is in joint second place with New Zealand in terms of places I’ve always wanted to visit. (First place is Iceland, of course. One day, one day…)

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