Yule in Yorkshire: The National Railway Museum

Don’t tell anyone but free museums are one of my favourite things ever.
Bullet Train

I mean, I’ll be honest here. I know absolutely nothing about trains in the slightest, nor do I have a burning passion to behold them. I am probably one of the furthest brains away from an engineer’s mind that you could find but, I did get to look at (read: photograph) a lot of trains! For free!
The National Railway Museum is an offshoot of the Science Museum in London so to anyone who wants to go flail over gigantic steam engines for free can do so.
There were a lot of train nerds around, which made me feel a little undereducated and very under-enthusiastic but I was thoroughly impressed by the ‘collection’ and especially enjoyed the stripped down train, allowing you to see the insides of the steam engine.
Off in another warehouse they had loads of trinkets and memorabilia from old trains and stations. I particularly liked the shout out to Harry Potter (see if you can spot it below)!

The museum also offers a ‘train’ ride to the centre of town so once we were done at the museum we hopped aboard to go to the Minster

Yule in Yorkshire
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