Gowan Hill

With my trip to Tanzania just six weeks away (gulp), I’ve been having to step up my game. While that generally translates to forcing myself out of bed to the gym as often as possible, I’ve also been doing some hill walking around Stirling. With Gowan Hill practically on my doorstep, I try to grab a quick walk up it frequently throughout the week.

There’s a pretty nice view from the top…

Last semester I did a post about the atmospheric view from The Cannons (including authentic beheading stone!) but I’ve now had the chance to explore the rest of the hill. While a lot of it reminded me of Teletubbyland with its rolling hills and sporadic patches of daffodils, the view from the top remains its very best feature.

I snapped these pictures when I decided my camera deserved to come on a walk with me for once. I managed to unintentionally time my mini-hike with dusk, and for once the sun was cooperating… well, as much as it can in Scotland – I was battling sporadic rain and chilling winds as well. The ever-present clouds are just something you get used to.

I’ve also been battling a heap of work for university while preparing myself for Mount Kilimanjaro, so I apologise for the lack of regular posts! My kit is coming together, piece by piece, largely due to clearance sales which are a godsend for my student budget. At this rate, it’s entirely possible that I’ll make it up to Uhuru Peak without any debt!

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