Playlist: Second Year

It’s been an incredible long time since I’ve done a playlist! As with first year’s playlist, I am totally packed (nope), ready to leave my flat (ha) and about to set off on the long journey back to London (unfortunately true yet again).

It’s so strange to be able to reminisce on last year. I’m once more having trouble processing it all but this time it’s because I am officially halfway through my time as an undergraduate student! Instead of dwelling on the fact that I have just two years left until I’m a ‘real adult’, I am contenting myself with focusing on summer. If I thought I had a good three months lined up for myself last year, I’ve completely blown it out of the water with what’s coming up next for me this time. Not entirely sure what I’ll get up to during the middle of it just yet, but it’s bookended by Mount Kilimanjaro in June and then flying out to Victoria at the end of August (best birthday ever? I think it might be!)
As this blog is first and foremost a way for me to recall the good times I’ve had, each one of these songs is directly linked to a memory of second year. This time around it’s a mixture of electronica and folk and funk, and seemingly a lot more pop-tolerant than last year! Hopefully you enjoy the collection as much as I did making the memories that go along with them.
  1. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  2. Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader
  3. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood
  4. Feather on the Clyde РPassenger 
  5. Ocean – John Butler
  6. Hunger and Thirst – Typhoon
  7. Airfield – Javelin
  8. Cissy Strut – The Metres
  9. The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
  10. Beeswing – Richard Thompson
  11. Wendy Please РJason Riddell (local musician!)
  12. Antenna – Bonobo
  13. I See Fire (Kygo Remix) – Ed Sheeran
  14. Game of Thrones Theme (feat. Dave Koz) – Scott Bradlee
  15. Everything Is Alright – Four Tet

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