Ólafur Arnalds at Roundhouse

My unending love affair with Iceland continues! Ólafur Arnalds in Camden may not be Reykjavík or Seljalandsfoss, but it’s the closest I’ve managed to get to the island this year!

I dragged my poor dear friend Kiran with me this time, instead of my mum. You may remember I saw Ólafur last year. I discovered this was end of the very same tour when I saw him in Leicester Cathedral. Poor guy has been away on his ‘For Now I Am Winter’ tour for over a year now. The tour began last summer, went all the way to Australia for Christmas and then returned to the northern hemisphere after a few months which, he told us, resulted in the longest summer of his life!
As always, Ólafur’s support acts never fail to impress! This time around, the audience was presented with Lambert – a mysterious, masked pianist. I could speculate for hours about why he wears the mask, but whatever the reason, he’s spectacularly talented and has a wonderfully endearing stage presence.

Following Lambert, Ólafur came on stage and had us do the very same singing trick we did back in Leicester and began the performance with our C note. If I thought last year’s concert was good, I was utterly blown away this time around. This concert was special not only because it was in one of my favourite venues, but also because Arnór Dan, lead singer from Agent Fresco and Ólafur’s collaborator, was able to join us and perform the lyrical songs!

I’ve regrettably still not made it to Iceland, though I can hardly complain with the amount of travel I’ve done and have yet to do this year! Just a few more days until I fly out to begin my semester abroad in Canada!

As with last time, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite songs: Old Skin featuring Arnór Dan.

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