The Old Vic: The Crucible

I feel it’s sort of pointless having a blog when I end up so speechless I can hardly write, but I’m going to do my best. 

I don’t profess to be any kind of aficionado of the theatre. I didn’t study Drama past the age of 13 and was never any good at it when I did – stage fright is very real fear for me – but I do have an aunt who made sure my brother and I saw at least one play a year when we were younger. I’ve been exposed to a lot of different plays thanks to her taking us to the West End and the many other theatres around London as our Christmas presents.

So with that out of the way, I feel I have mostly firm footing when I say have never seen a production of this quality before in my life. 

© Johan Persson
Yael Farber’s production of The Crucible was phenomenal. I studied the play when I was in sixth form and enjoyed it but I never thought it could be performed like this. The set was very minimalist so the audience focused entirely on the story and the acting, and oh my god, the acting. 
There were extremely talented actresses able to produce rather too convincing seizures but Richard Armitage… I will never be able to look at Richard Armitage in the same way again. I have never in my entire life seen seen anyone act that well. He was indescribable. I am still reeling from his delivery of “because it is my name!”
But the music and the lighting and everything as well… I hope and pray to everything possible that the Old Vic will release a DVD recording of it because I cannot bear the thought of never seeing Armitage as John Proctor again. 

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