Photo Diary: October

Officially halfway through my time in Canada! This month I visited the Rockies and Alberta, saw elk and deer, eaten poutine, witnessed a partial solar eclipse, and walked along an abandoned railway trestle!

1st October – The Bob Wright Observatory 
I was extremely lucky to be able to go to the Bob Wright Centre Observatory on campus one evening! It was unfortunately a little cloudy so I didn’t see any stars but I managed to snap this shot of the moon through one of the smaller telescopes! The students helping run the night were all really friendly and excited to answer any questions I had too. I’m hoping to get my SLR attached to the giant, main telescope of they’ll allow it… Watch this space (ba dum tss)!

2nd October – Suburbia at Night
Trying to become less afraid of the pitch black area on the left when it’s dark… It’s not going so well.

3rd October – Waiting around at the Bus Stop
I actually have a major bone to pick with the transport system in Victoria! I get the 14 to and from the university every day. The buses are rarely, if ever, on time and I have been late to class on three separate occasions because the bus I was scheduled to take actually broke down before it got to my stop. Say what you want about the UK, but we know how to run our public transport!

4th October – Student Union Building
Helped out with a meeting for UVic’s outgoing exchange students. I was quizzed by everyone heading to Scotland next semester about where to go and what to expect… The free lunch didn’t hurt either!

5th October – More Adventures in Suburbia
I’ll confess that Canadian crossings still confuse me a little…

6th October – Facing the McPherson Library
Woke up to a misty morning – campus suddenly seemed a lot more dramatic.

7th October – First People’s House
Two exams left in the first block of midterms – freedom (and my trip to the Rockies!) was in sight! I’m lucky to have a class opposite this beautiful pond.

8th October – Psychology Guinea Pig
As a part of one of my classes, I have to participate in some psychological research. This study was investigating the aspirations I got from my parents. I hope the results are what the researchers are looking for and the paper gets published!

9th October – Packing!
My last few exams finished meant I could finally get packing for my trip to the Rockies! Eeeep!

10th October – Thanksgiving in the Rockies: View from the Ferry…
Not all that impressive start to the trip but I was in for a treat!

11th October – Thanksgiving in the Rockies: Lake Louise 
The stunning, ice blue waters of Lake Louise in Banff National Park left me dumbstruck.

12th October – Thanksgiving in the Rockies: Athabasca Glacier
As if the previous day wasn’t enough, on Sunday I got to set foot on a glacier that makes up a massive ice field on the mountains behind the size of Paris.

13th October – Thanksgiving in the Rockies: Poutine!!!!
It was a long drive back to the coast from Banff and Jasper, but trying poutine for the first time made it bearable!

14th October – Totem Pole
Back on campus, but I wanted to share this lovely little souvenir I picked up at the top of Sulfur Mountain in Banff! It will be joining the two wooden elephants I picked up from Asia and Africa this year.

15th October – Care Package 2!
Wah! Another wonderful surprise care package from London! This parcel featured kit kats, five pairs of socks, and a cute Godzilla t-shirt from my dad’s workplace!

16th October – Suburbia Meets Autumn
I’m still amazed at how much space Canada has, but I’m accustomed to it now. I imagine I’m going to need some adjustment time when I go home to get used to London’s close (but cosy!) terrace houses.

17th October – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Went to the Phoenix Theatre on campus to see a production of the first Narnia book with just two cast members. It was a really interesting take on a book I loved as a child.

18th October – ‘Social Butterfly’
My extremely exciting Saturday night… essay writing.

19th October – Distractions
Avoiding finishing those wonderful essays by writing a blog post instead.

20th October – Front of da bus
Driving on the wrong side of the road, of course.

21st October – Autumn Hits UVic!
Can you believe I took this on a moving bus?! I live for this kind of lucky capture!

22nd October – Rainy Day Beside the Fountain
Everyone seemed either sick or asleep – midterms hitting us students hard.

23rd October – Partial Solar Eclipse!
Yep! Take a look at that lens flare if you don’t believe me! I almost forgot it was happening and had to rush outside to get a photo in between my classes!

24th October – CFUV FM
UVic’s on campus radio station, found in the Student Union Building. You can spy on the hosts as you eat your lunch.

25th October – Bowker Creek
Just the next block over from my house – took this on the way to Save-On-Foods, one of my local ‘grocery’ stores.

26th October – Goldstream Provincial Park: Niagara Falls
Perhaps named after the more impressive falls back east? This trip to Goldstream was amazing! I saw my first salmon run, enormous trees, this beautiful waterfall, and ended the trip with a hike up to an abandoned railway trestle to conquer my (irrational) fear of bridges!

27th October – Exam
Long, hard, cold days call for soup, even if it’s cupasoup.

28th October – Jackie
My landlady was away which meant I didn’t get to see this little cutie for a whole week! Nothing like some therapuppy when your bus breaks down (again) right before your midterm… I made it but I was 10 minutes late, gulp. (Apologies for the poor quality for this photo as well! I think it was a snapchat I sent that I decided I liked in hindsight!)

29th October – Silver Linings…
You know when you just get bad weeks? This week was one of them unfortunately. But, ever the optimist, I always take a moment to appreciate the little things. In this case, sunshine breaking a long rainy day combo, discovering the wonders of a London Fog, and focusing on the fact that it’s not long until I head out to California!

30th October – DIY Halloween Costume
What am I going as, you ask? Well…

31st October – Sul Sul!
I’m a Sim! This homemade plumbob was attached to my head using a hairband and a myriad of paper clips. A cheap and original costume.

Just two months to go now! While this diary entry gives you a taste of what I’ve been up to and blog posts to come, it hasn’t all been fun and games. I’ve had five midterms this month, as well as written four massive essays, and completed two in-class assignments. If I’m perfectly honest, I haven’t been this stressed in my academic career since the time I was in the clutches of the International Baccalaureate (which, if you know the IB, is saying a lot). I knew this semester was going to be a challenge, so it’s the little adventures I get to go on to relax that make it all worthwhile.

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