Bridge of Allan Fireworks 2015

The further I get into this year, the more bittersweet I feel. Most of the time I’m on autopilot trying to get my work done and recruit participants for my dissertation study but every now and then, something will hit me and I get particularly struck with the fact that this is genuinely my final year as an undergraduate.
Realistically, this was probably the last Bridge of Allan display I’ll ever attend… which is a pretty jarring thought. A thought that if I dwell on long enough will, without fail, turn me into a panicked, spiralling mess of a human, spending the remainder of the day job hunting for positions and graduate schemes I can’t yet apply for.

So let’s not do that.

This was my third time attending the display in Strathallan Park (you’ll remember¬†my post from 2013) as I missed the last one due to my semester abroad. It definitely wasn’t as cold as I remembered but maybe I’ve finally acclimated to the Scottish weather. Or maybe getting as close as possible to the perimeter around the bonfire was a smart idea.

As always, I took way too many photos in a very short space of time but some of them turned out nicely.

With the display over, we all filtered out of the park. On the walk back to campus with the masses of families and students who had come to see the show, I was left to mentally cross off another notable event from my final year. Gulp.

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