Birmingham Botanical Gardens

So May and June have been busy. Really busy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed a few trips back and forth to Edinburgh and that’s because I’ve got myself a graduate job! I’m very excited to be staying in Scotland but understandably things have been a little hectic trying to get organised and “officially” move myself out from London. 
A trip to Birmingham to pick my brother up from his first year at uni almost felt like a holiday. Yes, I was buried up to my head in bags and clothes and textbooks sitting in the back seat but as a reward for managing to get the boot shut, we went to the Botanical Gardens.

Although it was cloudy and spat with rain a bit, it was still warm. We explored a good portion of the grounds, which reminded me of a scaled down Kew Gardens. There’s actually a lot of horticulture packed into a comparatively small area and a nice (albeit expensive) tea room.

Plants aren’t particularly a passion of mine (perhaps that will change when I have a garden of my own) but I really appreciated the herb and health garden and the historical gardens, built to reflect the styles from Roman, Medieval and Tudor times. 

The birdhouse was a pleasant surprise too! 

Truthfully though, this trip was an excuse to brush the dust off my macro lens and get some pretty photos of plants…

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