Maison de Moggy

There are good days and then there are bad days when all you want to do is play with kitties. Today wasn’t one of those days but it didn’t mean I was going pass up the chance to play with kitties!

Look, I am fully aware that the internet is full of cat pictures already and really doesn’t need any more but I promise this is a genuine post. I didn’t just see some cats and deem them blog-worthy. Actually, let me amend that, I would absolutely blog about random animals I see in my day to day life but I’m not sure I could successfully convince anyone that Mittens the cat is a wonder of the world (I probably could but let’s not get into that right now)…

I’m pretty settled into Edinburgh now but when I was fresh to the city, this visit to Maison de Moggy was a wonderful way to explore some of the more popular areas. I’m counting this as a travel post because cat cafes are actually few and far between!

My day started out by discovering this utterly gorgeous shop called Museum Context on Victoria Street. I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a shop so suited to me. Globes and maps and phrenology busts and typewriters and orreries and dinosaurs! Of course, every item costs an arm and a leg but that didn’t stop me from dreaming. Maybe I’ll save up some money and buy myself a trinket.

I think this day was the day I fell in love with the Grassmarket. Already an iconic part of Edinburgh with its ancient buildings and quaint stalls, I shouldn’t have been surprised that this remains one of my favourite parts of the city but it was a gorgeous day to boot. And, you know, Maison de Moggy is right around the corner. What’s not to love?

The cafe is set up with a set of two doors to prevent any kitty (or human) escaping in a way that reminded me a little of a decontamination unit on a space station. Once inside, we took of our shoes and went looking for kitties!

The cats have free roam of the cafe and can nap in hammocks, cat towers, on chairs and even in drawers! There were so many different toys to choose from and if a cat didn’t want to play, they could get up high and away from humans.

Before our time slot, it had been nap time so everyone was a little sleepy still. Our visit quickly devolved into choosing our favourites…

Now, you’re a sharp cookie. You may be thinking to yourself “but Emma! How can it be sanitary to have animals that use litter boxes in a cafe?!” Well, Sharp Cookie, the kitties have their own purpose built toilets with a super cute sign. They are also fenced off from the kitchen so everything is okay to eat too!

But the shop is not without its perils. Elodie, the sphynx cat, loves cake. And I mean, loves it. The staff warned us beforehand and said we should stand to eat it because she’d jump on us. And ohhhh did she. She had also learned to flip the metal covers off the little milk jugs for our tea. What a clever kitty.

Full disclosure: I did not like sphynx cats before I met Elodie. Or rather, I didn’t like the idea of sphynx cats. I thought they would feel like petting skin and were relatives of Dobby the house elf. I was very wrong and I feel like I need to go forth into the world and spread the good news about this breed. Elodie was so soft! She has tiny peach fuzz all over her body and was so lively and affectionate. I’ve totally changed my tune.

When our hour was up, I left the cafe with the biggest smile on my face! Playing with kitties over afternoon tea – what more could you ask for on an August afternoon?! Maison de Moggy was perfect furrapy and I can’t wait to go back!

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