Mount Kilimanjaro for AICR: Couch to 5K

Today I received my running shoes – I’m now the proud owner of pair of Nike LunarGlide+ 4s!
I wanted a springy pair with good support because in the past I’ve had trouble with my ankles. I got them at a discount but they were still pretty pricey so hopefully that will guilt me into running.

I never really enjoyed PE at school and it’s taken me until now to realise that just being told to run wasn’t enough – I needed a goal. I’ve been reading up on Couch to 5K for a long time now and with Kili in my sights (almost a year to go!) I’m extremely excited to begin the programme! 

Amazingly, whether I get altitude sickness at all is entirely due to a combination of chance and genetics but I still need to get in shape for the climb itself! Most Kili programmes recommend to begin training for the mountain two months in advance but with so much going on (i.e. that £3000 I have to raise on top of dealing with my uni work!), I want to give myself loads of time to prepare. I figure working on my cardio is bound to help me out and once I’m back at uni, I’ll be joining the mountaineering club to get some good hiking in at the weekends. 

I’m off out for my first run today. Wish me luck!

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