Big IF London

IF the world produces enough food for everyone, why do one in eight people not have enough to eat?

© Food Enough If
Kiran and I attended London’s Big IF campaign in Hyde Park today along with thousands of others. With the world’s most powerful leaders arriving in the UK soon for the G8 summit, over 200 charities and organisations banded together to tackle world hunger by making a huge amount of noise.
We arrived half way through the event but we were in time for one or two speeches, many moving videos as well as performances from beatboxer Beardyman and singer and campaigner Angelique Kidjo. There were many interesting stalls from different charities and fun activities for kids, as well as this incredible art installation.

The image was made up of spinning flowers. By queuing up, we were able to plant our own flowers to add to the piece. Each petal on each flower represents one child who dies from hunger every year. Malnutrition is a leading cause of child death the world over yet only 0.4% of international aid goes towards ending it.

By 5pm however, Food Enough If had received a pledge of $4.1 billion to help end world hunger, trended worldwide on Twitter with the tag #BigIF and filled Hyde Park with over 45,000 people making a huge amount of noise.

The next step is getting David Cameron to make a breakthrough in tax dodging and land grabbing in multinational corporations. With the next Big IF event in Belfast in 10 days time, you can follow Enough Food If directly on their website or on Twitter and Facebook.

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