A Catch Up with July

July was my recovery month! While I hadn’t become spectacularly sick on my return from Africa, my stomach wasn’t coping with the continent change all too well (sensitive immune system, 0/10 would not recommend). Coupled with having to continue my course of malaria tablets for another 30 days after returning from Africa – side effects include nausea (check), vomiting (check) and sensitivity to the sun (double check) – I was not exactly a happy bunny.
That said, I did manage to drag myself to a few exciting things…

First up was an impromptu (and free!) trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see a showing of West Side Story, with the soundtrack performed by a live orchestra. It was my first time at the concert hall and I was surprised at how small it is! My only previous experience came from watching the BBC Proms, but I loved the intimate feel. Doesn’t hurt that the venue is beautiful either.

This little outing made me realise I would love to see a live orchestra properly one day (without the added distraction of watching a film I hadn’t seen before!).

The concert hall’s mosaic
Not long after that, I was at Fortnum and Masons with my mum for an event on the perfume house Caron. In amongst cups of tea, canapés and glasses of champagne, we were taken through the history of Caron and as a result of that, the evolution of female independence and fight for equality as Caron’s scents changed over time. I was so caught up with smelling vintage perfume, I almost forgot I was the only teenager in the room…
It was a really enjoyable evening and a brilliant excuse to float about a high-end shop I otherwise wouldn’t be able to set foot in as a poor student. The Perfume Society did really well with their organisation of the event and we each came away with a little goody bag, complete with notebook and a free Caron sample!

Throughout July I’ve also been practising with my new Fujifilm X20, the latest addition to my photographic gear. Compared to my Canon 550D, the X20 is small enough to always fit in my bag so I’ve been able to take it wherever I go and use it whenever I see something worth shooting.

While I have a wonderful habit of taking around a hundred photos and throwing away the vast majority (imagine if I was using film – I’d be bankrupt!), I do manage to get some gems now and then. I took the photo below in a garden centre and it is entirely unedited; my eyes were the size of dinner plates when I saw it. The X20 is clearly one to watch out for!

Lastly, the end of the month wrapped up with a trip north to Warrington to visit my elderly grandparents (whom you may remember from a previous post). It was lovely to see them again, eat some delicious food and admire grandma’s never-ending mirror/orchid combination in the front room of their bungalow!

I’m all better now and I’m immensely glad to be off those anti-malarials! I’m very nearly caught up with my posts now and there’s not long to go until I’m flying out to Canada! Eeep!

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