Secret Cinema: Back to the Future

On Sunday night, I was sent back… to the future!

It’s a rarity I end up making a post so sparse on the photo front but on such an occasion like a Secret Cinema event, I have to make an exception to keep the secret a secret! 

Secret Cinema is a company that specialises in producing immersive experiences based around cult films, with previous events including productions of movies like Aliens, Blade Runner and The Shawshank Redemption. Typically with these productions, you wouldn’t know what you were signing up for. You’d be given a location and what to wear (e.g. an orange jumpsuit) a few days before and only know what movie you’d be seeing when you turned up. 

This event was slightly different because it was massive; a recreation of the 1955 town from Back to the Future out in Olympic Park. Ticket holders booked in advance and were assigned characters from Hill Valley, given the chance to visit the town and then watch a screening of the movie! This meant I got to dress up nicely in old 50s-style clothing and spend time exploring a pop-up town (no cameras, naturally)! The site had mini houses with vintage perfumes, books and record players. I got to pet sheep. I got to explore the town fair with its own ferris wheel. I got to eat fries in an authentic 50s diner. I even got to go to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance!

In hindsight, a taking a blanket would have been a fantastic idea because I was shivering by the end of the projection, but it was amazing to see the actors perform different scenes all around us! They had a kitted-out Delorean and Doc even ziplined from the top of the clocktower at the end! I really hope Secret Cinema do another production like this because it was a real treat! 

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