Finnerty Gardens

A quick post slap bang in the middle of midterms! I am both thrilled and saddened to be able to use that phrase, as it’s had me holed up in my room most days. While I also complete the wholly unfair mountain of assignments I have to do as well, I’ve found a nice escape in the form of Finnerty Gardens.

Finnerty Gardens is a little section in the south-west area of the UVic campus that has been transformed (or perhaps preserved?) into nothing short of a botanical paradise. It’s organised into themed sections, so you can easily travel from a woodland pond to a sequoias grove to Japanese acers by walking the paths. The garden is also home to UVic’s interfaith chapel. 
I used the break in the gardens as an excuse to practise with my macro lens, which really doesn’t see light of day enough…
Pretty pleased to have snapped this little guy before he flew away! 
Sorry it’s short but I really have been swamped with work! It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up for a while sadly and I’m bitterly jealous of every other exchange student whose grades don’t matter! I keep having to remind myself that all this hard work will pay off in a few weeks when I set off on the first of my two big North American trips this year… Watch this space! 

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