Photo Diary: September – Part 2

So I left Part 1 at the end of Clubs Days, having signed up to an assortment of societies. This post will cover the rest of what I got up to in September!

13th September – To Mount Douglas!

After discovering there was a chance of seeing the northern lights, I organised a trip to ‘Mount’ Douglas in northern Victoria. On the way, I walked down a street to the bus stop and found this impression of a maple leaf in the concrete! Only in Canada~

14th September – Summer Sunset
One of the last summer sunsets from my room, on yet another day when I was cooped up inside working. (Don’t be surprised if half of the photos in this journal are somehow indicative of my workload at UVic!)
15th September – View from the Bus Stop
Incredibly long day (Mondays and Thursdays are very heavy for me – 9 to 5 on campus!) but there were blue skies, I got free pizza at the Psychology Society meeting, and my student loan finally came through!
16th September – Finnerty Gardens
UVic’s on-campus gardens! I escaped my assignments here briefly on a nice sunny day.

17th September – Mid-Semester Break is Booked!
Confirmed: in November I will be flying down to California to visit family!

18th September – Bookstore Haul
The Bookstore on campus not only supplies students with every textbook imaginable but also stocks UVic branded clothes, notebooks, water bottles, and so, so much more. Used my 50% off voucher that I got in my orientation pack buying these!
19th September – Campus
A little secluded spot I found on campus in between classes.
20th September – Study Fuel
Healthy eating + student budget = bread is a plate
21st September – Study Distraction
Took a break from intense essay writing by flicking through a visitor’s guide to Victoria.
22nd September – Ivy
Autumn is finally here! Taken just before my developmental psychology class.
23rd September – Suburbia
View down my street….
24th September – Suburbia: Part II
My favourite ‘grungy’ house on my street. Would love to photograph it properly but I reckon its owners wouldn’t like that all too much!
25th September – Totem Pole
One of the many totem poles on campus.
26th September – Psychology Pub Crawl
This turned out to be more of a club crawl than a pub/bar crawl but I ended up meeting lots of psychology students and came away with a free t-shirt and USB stick!
27th September – Mystery Bug!
A warm day and this not-so-little guy decided to wave through the window mesh at me! As I’m not familiar with North American bugs, I still have no idea what he is – any ideas?
28th September – Doodles
Taking a break from work by sketching His Dark Materials drawings. This evening actually sparked a desire to properly take up drawing as a hobby, and I bought a sketch pad not long after! I’m slowly making improvement, bit by bit…
29th September – Exam Freedom
It rained all day and once I stepped out of my midterm exam, sunshine!
30th September – The Quad
Towering Douglas fir trees lining the edge of the Quad on campus.

And that’s September done and dusted! I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown. It’s crazy to think I’ve only got three months left already. I’m going to do my very best to make them count.

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