Photo Diary: November

Third month complete!

1st November – Post-Halloween
Getting to my favourite part of autumn where the air is cold and crisp. (Made nursing my hangover a little more bearable…)
2nd November – Post-Halloween
Another Canadian food ticked off my list (thanks to trick or treat leftovers)! I didn’t expect to like Coffee Crisp as I don’t really enjoy coffee but it was actually pretty nice.
3rd November – Studying…
Yet another stressful week ahead with lots of assignments due, but I was holding out for the weekend!

4th November – Multitasking in the Student Union Building! 

Assignments and answering questions on Scotland for prospective exchange students at the International Opportunities Fair!

5th November – Aftermath of Halloween
This was my first Guy Fawkes Night away from home and it was strange that it was just another day for Canada.

6th November – Freedom
One month and eight exams later, I had finally conquered the only set of midterms I will ever have to take in my life. The feeling of freedom was phenomenal! Next stop: California!

7th November – YYJ > SEA > SJC
Off to visit family down in California!

8th November – Sunnyvale

Definitely living up to its name!

9th November – Pescadero 
I was whisked away to the coast!

10th November – Pescadero Rock Pools
A lot of time was spent playing on the beach.

11th November – Point Lobos

I was spoilt rotten and taken to some amazing places.

12th November – Big Basin State Park

Best of all was our visit to see a huge grove of redwoods!

13th November – November Care Package! 
Got home to find this! Chocolates, scented pencils, a bookmark, a key ring, and an amazingly warm snood!

14th November – Winter on its way

It’s very hard to show the temperature drop in Victoria but we were down to 4°C! Quite a shock after my week in the Californian sunshine!

15th November – Back to Work…
Walks in crisp, cold air help when you’re going stir crazy from essay writing.

16th November – Little Surprises

Weekends when you’re stuck inside writing essays don’t really make for exciting photo diaries …but they can still surprise you! I just took a shower and found this ladybird on the ceiling in the bathroom. Wondered one, how ladybirds can still be active in November; two how it got in; and three how it was managing to walk on the ceiling!
17th November – Frost! 
Not quite the snow that’s being seen elsewhere in Canada but cold all the same!
18th November – Wildlife… 
Confession: as a Londoner, the size of the seagulls in Victoria scares me…
19th November – Curriculum Library
I discovered this gorgeous secret library with just a few weeks left of classes. Boo!

20th November – Winter’s Arrival 
Hard to believe this tree is the same gloriously orange one I took a picture of last month! The end of these assignments was in sight, though! I handed in my mammoth 7000 word report on this day and had just three more pieces to do.

21st November – Working Too Hard…
So I was all set to go to the Vikes’ hockey game and then SUDDEN EXHAUSTION!!! I had been working myself way too hard this semester and spent that night wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of tea.

22nd November – Canadian Skies
Still not feeling fantastic but at least we had clear(ish) skies. The sky feels a lot bigger out here than back home.

23rd November – Returning from the Shops
Excuse the blur (it was dark!) but I keep falling in love with houses on my walks.

24th November – Rainy Day
But I handed in two assignments and treated myself to a beautiful notebook.

25th November – Jungle Gym!
My shortcut to the shops takes me past this cute little playground.

26th November – Parliament Building

Trip downtown to see the Victoria’s christmas lights get turned on. There was caroling as well as free hot chocolate and cookies!

27th November – The Last of Autumn

Snapped between classes… only a few left now.

28th November – The Netherlands Carillon

Just outside the Royal BC Museum

29th November – Snow!

Woke up to this winter wonderland! The only snow I’ve seen this winter!

30th November – Revision

Three exams in the next 48 hours. I had been revising all weekend but I had already started daydreaming about the lie-in I would have when they were all over.

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