April Showers?

It’s April and the weather is all over the place. When I had this post in mind, I thought I was going to be welcoming the return of the sunshine but this week it has decided to snow. It’s late April and it’s snowing. If that isn’t a sign of climate change, I don’t know what is.
Regardless, last week my flat had a lovely picnic in the sunshine. We took a walk down from our halls and round the loch, passing by this nesting swan. The groundskeepers have set up a protective fence as the nest is very close to the path so the mamma swan is safe (and more importantly, so are we…)
Up on top of the hill, we sat to appreciate the sunshine and fresh air and eat nice food. April is a month I enjoy a lot due to its warmth (usually..) and a distinct lack of grass pollen that has me sneezing for most of May and into June…
This little picnic turned into my first time geocaching! For those who don’t know, geocaching is like a modern day treasure hunt. You download an app to your phone, turn on your GPS and it directs you towards the area where the cache is located. Once you’re close enough, you have to scramble around and look for the cache! We successfully found the Blue Whale, logged our success in the little blue book and left something blue, as instructed!
Other than this nice afternoon, this month has mainly been finishing up final bits and pieces for my undergraduate degree, so not a lot has happened. It’s hard to believe I’ve handed in my last assignment now. Rather anticlimactically too, via online submission. After receiving my TurnItIn receipt, I sat back and had to marvel at how fast these past four years have gone. All I have to do now is turn up to graduation in June. It feels so strange.
Side note: I was featured by the University of Stirling’s student newspaper, The Brig! A big thank you to them. The article displays some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken (some of which aren’t on the blog).

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