Less of the Travel, More of the Quill…

Oh, hello! Look who’s crawled out of the woodwork!  

It’s been… a while. And for that I apologise. I’ve been busy and life, as I’m sure everyone is aware, is very good at getting in the way. I’ve been getting really good at almost being an adult. I moved in with my boyfriend and got a new job in the third sector. To watch my health, I run a couple times a week, practice yoga, and I’ve recently started rock climbing. I track my pension plans and I’ve opened a long-term savings accounts. When I write it out, it all sounds very grown up and responsible so really, it’s really no wonder I took a dive headfirst into art as an escape.  

And when I say art, there’s been drawing… and sketching… and illustrating… and painting and inking and collaging and a whole lot more. I’ve been having a creative renaissance that would make my high school art teacher’s draw drop. 

While I no longer sketch every single day (phew), I’m still sketching a lot. In keeping with 8-year-old Emma’s opinions about art, it’s been a lot of drawing bears and dogs and fantasy creatures. But this autumn, I also signed myself up to an illustration course which has proven not only to push me out of my comfort zone and try lots of new mediums (I’d never in a million years thought I’d be collaging as an adult) and has held me accountable to draw something each week. The guidance from the teacher has been supremely helpful and introduced me to dipping pens, which are basically quills. Funny I get on so well with them, huh?

That said, I have still been travelling and I do have some posts to make! Last autumn I was out in Northern Ireland and the US. In spring, you could spot me along Hadrian’s Wall as well as in Bruges. This summer I was on a roadtrip around the Highlands (finally climbed The Storr!)… Lots to talk about.   I’ve said this before and not entirely followed through (and doubtless I will say it again…) but in an effort to catch up, I will be dumping all my photos and then maybe if I manage to find the time in between working full time, stay active, and being creative, I’ll add a bit of text. (No promises!)

Creative posts to follow shortly – watch this space!

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