Scottish Owl Centre

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of wildlife photography. I love wildlife sanctuaries and zoos and basically any place I can take photos of animals. With no plans this Sunday, I didn’t need much persuading to pick up my camera for a nice day out.

Well, it would have been a nice day only the Scottish weather was out in full force. It was sunny, but it was also raining and blustery and a little too cold to be outdoors for so long. But I still managed some very good shots!

We had a bit of respite by nipping indoors to see a flying show. Some of the owls are trained to be Owl Ambassadors for their species. In practice, what this means is that they fly from perch to perch for bits of chicken, and their only goal is that chicken. They are so focused on lunch and so practiced at flying that they swoop extremely low over your head. There was an awful lot of ducking/protecting my camera!

Alicanto the Magellan Horned Owl
Tehuthi the Pharaoh Eagle Owl

One surprise resident was this handsome kookaburra! Kookaburras are actually members of the Kingfisher family so decidedly not what you’d expect to find in an Owl Centre but since St Andrews Aquarium has meerkats, I’ve learned to never assume what I’ll see at these kind of centres!

I will absolutely have to go back to the Scottish Owl Centre when it’s a bit warmer!

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