In 10: 2010-2019

The end of this decade has really crept up on me. I can hardly believe that is now 2020!

This time last year, I wrote a piece on setting New Year Resolutions and how I’m not really a fan. Instead, I prefer assigning a word to the year as an intention.

With all that said, I want to take a quick look back at what has been an incredibly formative decade in 10 photos.

In 2010, I was 15. I had just received my dSLR (a Canon 550D that is still going strong to this day) and had just begun my journey into learning photography.

Despite being right in the middle of the dreaded International Baccalaureate, I was photographing throughout 2011!

In 2012, I finished up at my sixth form and started my undergraduate degree at the University of Stirling!

2013 was the year I founded The Travelling Quill!

2014 is hard to summarise with just one photo! I did so much travelling in this year, it was a bit exhausting. Asia in January, Africa in June and a semester in North America in the autumn.

In 2015… I actually did some uni work, but also managed a few trips here and there…

In 2016, I graduate and started my first job, which took me to some very exciting places in and around Scotland!

2017 saw me visit somewhere a bit more out of the way, Gibraltar, as well as some more touristy destinations in the US…

In 2018, I started working in the third sector, but still managed time to visit Bruges and manage another trip to the Highlands!

And lastly, 2019 was when I threw myself into art (but still managed a trip to Italy!)

It’s a bit overwhelming to look back over all of these memories! I remember being a kid and working out that I’d be 25 by the time 2020 came around. It seemed light years away and I could hardly wrap my head around being that old. And yet, here I am! Mid-20s and trying to navigate all that comes with Being A Grown Up.

I’m not sure just yet what word I’ll set as my intention for 2020, but I suspect it will be more academic than previous words as I’ll be heading back to university to begin my Masters degree in September! Looking back over the years as shown me how different I am now to that quiet girl who fled London to Scotland aged 18, and how much I’ve grown in confidence as my own person.

Here’s to many more adventures in the new decade.

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