If there’s one thing I really can’t stress enough about this weekend in the Highlands and Islands (like I didn’t mention it enough in my last post…), it was the ridiculously good weather we were having. It was October and while I had come prepared for rain and bitterly cold winds, we had beautiful blue […]

Arthur’s Seat

I love Edinburgh. Maybe an unreasonable amount. I’ve never been in a city I could truthfully say I loved unequivocally before. It’s nicely compact due to its geography, has beautiful, ancient buildings, incredible culture (the anticipation for August when the festival season starts in palpable), has easy access to the beach (still on my to-do […]


Birthday getaways are my mum’s speciality. There I was, returned from the adventure of a lifetime in Africa thinking this summer’s travels would be over until I left to study abroad, but surprise! Weekend trip to Bath for her birthday! I have been to Bath once before but it was to visit the university’s open […]